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The thoughts about it all…..

                 Our country was founded in 1789 if you go by the date the United States wrote its Constitution. Considering the failure of        the  Articles of Confederation which was discovered by the Continental Congress.  Sometime in the middle of 1776, and got replaced by the current U.S.Constitution in 1789. Looking at the men who discovered this country the Founding Fathers were a base of all white rich men. Now this is no means being directed in a race matter just hold your thoughts. When you go back and look at the people who were in charge, and calling the shots during the first formation of our national government and creating the sole thing that mapped out our whole government which is the U.S. Constitution. The first five presidents can be considered Founding Fathers, and you can look into that on your own leisure. Meaning from 1789 to 1825 five U.S. presidents that can greatly be considered Founding Fathers were consecutively running this country.

The Constitution did provide rights, laws, and government set up but was written in 1789 by wealthy rich men. Yes if you read all the Founding Fathers stories about their lives they did in a sense want the best for man. The British Monarchy ruled America, and yes we weren’t independent but the men who officially established the United States were rich wealthy landowners, or married into wealth (not saying this as a insult). Looking at this from a business standpoint if you had the opportunity to rid your countries rule and set up your own form of government that controls alot of the functions of our society, and aspect of life. If you think this country would be better off with no government then you aren’t thinking very much at all no offense. Wouldn’t you say yes I mean all these men had more power then the average citizen of the United State which you can even say the same about this statement today.

There’s no way the Founding Fathers in some way wrote this Constitution in a way not acknowledging the future, and the many generations to come. Their had to be a point where they asked or spoke about this but people do, and can mistaken the Constitutions different meanings (rules,laws,procedures, amendments). Was this system meant to in some way still have a power over us, and even today the government has and will bring up policies and procedures that can be considered unconstitutional. When this happens is the main reason because our Constitution was set up in a way that is some what out-dated and short compared to other countries Constitutions. Yes the Founding Fathers in no way could predict the future but even with that said its very rare the Constitution gets changed and citizens are at fault for this to. Since if that happened many people would feel as if their liberties or rights are starting to become more violated if we have to add restrictions because of the evolving process of life.

You can question, and wonder if the system is truly meant for the people, or the people in the federal, and main controsl of our countries very basis the ins and out of the things that runs our society. We went away from a monarchy and we surely aren’t one today but what exactly could you say about the U.S. government. I mean alot of countries are considered a democracy but what exactly can you say it is if you bring up rights, and liberties yes your partially right but their has to be a main component to keep the machine going aka our government. The so called “law of the land” is hundreds of years old but yet most interpret it differently. These Founding Fathers were very intelligent men even though there wasnt the technology like we have today. Everything isnt exactly as it seems. Its a very complex, system but its alot more complex than what you think…….

Brooks Mooney


Social Contract that every U.S. citizen has agreed to without even knowing…….

As we all know here in the United States we have freedoms, liberties, and inalienable rights that cannot be taken according to the constitution. Through out history and even more towards todays times we have been under the governments rule of questionable choices that now more then ever really contradicts the constitution. 

                 Since the start of our nation we have been given rights, and freedoms that were not there during the British rule. Even though we have been given these freedoms since the start of the American colonies we have to give up freedom in order to obtain it. Now I know this sounds weird but a government is first off here to control and sustain the society that is in the borderlines of the country. Every citizen born automatically signs a Social Contract but without a pen……. 

 Whether we like it or not we as a society all over the world need some sort of institution that stabilizes the society under it. Everything we own or get in the United States for example would never been here with out government through export, imports, regulation, and the different enterprises providing these substances none of this would be possible with out the institution of government. Now Im not saying im in total favor of our government or how its operating today but compared to other countries we the people of the United States have it alot better than about 75 percent of countries in the world. 

                     Now the Social Contract presents an argument that we the citizens have to give some of our freedoms up to obtain the protection of our other rights, and protection period from the government. Now you may think this sounds weird but their are certain limits in our society that we are able to do.. The government also protects us just look at prisons, jails, and the military all which would not be possible without the institution of our government… 

                 We the people of the United States are all apart of the system we help contribute work, money, information, etc to the government all in the exchange for protection but how far does this need to go where our freedoms are presented to be more important then protection or when our freedoms and rights have gotten pressed to the limit so much that we finally cave in…. 

Thanks hope you enjoyed have a blessed day

                                                 Brooks Mooney