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The Responsibility of This Generations Youth

Throughout the history of America , its our inalienable right to question and protest against the institutions of our government. From the Whiskey Rebellion to the protest against the war in Vietnam we the people of the United States have always been taught about the purity of our democracy, and how the peoples ( citizens) majority always rule. This is what we have been taught since we have been school children, no elementary school teacher for example has told their students the problems of our government and the downsides. We as school children have always heard about the great Founding Fathers and how influential and fair they were… Now they were very influential, but when it comes to fairness or equality are they really what we proceed them to be? Wanting freedom for your country but having slaves doesn’t quiet sound like the most democratic thing to do. Even further the only people who could vote at first were white males with property. Eventually through the timeline of our history the diversity of our voters have widely opened to all legal citizens of the U.S. no matter race or gender.

Now this country is great and I am proud to be an American but I also find the truth to be a very extraordinary, rare, and great thing to come by and expose. We have been institutionalized whether you want to believe it or not and it all started with your family to school, and then after awhile when you develop into your teen years you start to adopt more political views based on how you feel, and the events that have taken place in our society while you have been alive. Now this is where things start to come more into perspective. Being born from the 90’s I and the rest of my generation have seen both Gulf Wars both which have happened or started while we were relatively young, we have seen the Twin Towers get pulverized into dust, watch our Government shutdown for a few days, and also the formation of the NSA.

The generation of the millennials has experienced nothing but the tight and quickly fast grip of our government. Look at the N.S.A. they can look through our text,calls,social media etc… If this institution was established and set in the 60’s or 70’s do you think the youth of American society would of just let this roll by? No now Im not saying we need violent protest to solve our problems but if we the youth and young adults of America were to band together and worry about the equality of man, and freedoms then the institution of our government would eventually have to have no choice but condemn to the citizens. Now the government is needed but we can’t let this progressive power of our government keep increasing. Imagine what our children will have to go through, I mean my generation has been to war pretty much all of my life so far. We just think of it as ok and normal. None of this should be normal behavior to us, we need to band together in any way and exercise our right to protest to the fullest ability. If we keep going in the path we are can we call this country a democracy? Hell can we even call this country a democracy today. 

              We have the ability to change the world, just think about it because how much longer can society be bounded by an institution that is increasingly gaining power. We can make a difference now before things could ever take a drastic change in the future. Think about it 


                                                                                                 Brooks Mooney